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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 6, 2023 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> steve: wow. [cheers and applause] >> you are making me cry. that was so terrific. >> thank you. >> where does the inspiration come from that song? >> dear evan hanson musical you know that must call and that song, i don't know, you hear about depression and anxiety being at an all-time high my faith carries me through. we have a job to look around and see who it is that needs that. >> and your singers. >> they are amazing. >> you could have just turned a life around singing that song on our show this morning. >> i just downloaded the whole album. natalie, thank you very much. ladies and gentlemen, thank you. >> have a good day, everybody. >> bill: all right, 9:00 in new york. here we go. this alive look in los angeles,
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6:00 a.m., sun is not up yet but you are watching the largest healthcare strike in american history and it is the third and final day today. you got 75,000 workers striking against kaiser permanente, protesting over wages and staff shortages. no signs of a deal between the two sides so we'll watch that and bring you updates as we get them this morning. we have a lot of backlash now at the border, america. president biden defending his decision to build more wall and the white house messaging is all over the place as we say hello on a friday. you have almost made it, america. dana is off today. i'm bill hemmer live in new york city. sandra is back. >> sandra: i enjoyed the wake-up call this morning. thanks for having me back. good friday. the president's reversal on the border wall igniting a media firestorm. the left calling him out for breaking a campaign promise but the white house is defending the move. he says the money was earmarked
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already for the wall back in 2019. and the president had no choice but to use it. even though he didn't want to. >> we believe and the president has been very clear even when you ask him does a border wall work he said no. and he has been very consistent about that. we believe that a border wall is not effective. >> if you have to build a border wall but you don't think it will work, once its done will you tear it down? >> dhs is required to do this. the president asked multiple times of congress to reappropriate, they did not and we're not -- >> that flies in the face of the president's own department of homeland security saying they need to resume construction acute and immediate. high rates of illegal entry in the rio grande valley of texas, secretary mayokas later saying a wall is not the answer. >> sandra: president biden is doing another about face resuming the deportation of venezuelan migrants.
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jeff paul is kicking things off live at the border in eagle pass, texas this morning, hi. jeff. >> all this back and forth over the administration change in policy isn't slowing down at the u.s./mexico border. we continue see the large groups of migrants arrive to locations like where we're at in eagle pass, texas. there aren't any signs of it stopping any time soon. it's the same situation up and down the southern border episcopal life in the rio grande valley. that's where the new 20-mile stretch of border wall is set to be built. the department of homeland security says it is a busy sector, roughly a quarter million illegal crossings this budget year so far. despite saying there was a need for the wall, secretary of homeland security mayokas changed his tune. there is no new administration policy and that a border wall is, quote, not the answer.
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>> reported today was appropriated, funded during the prior administration in 2019, and the law requires the government to use these funds for this purpose. we have repeatedly asked congress to rescind this money but it has not done so and we are compelled to follow the law. >> another major shift, the biden administration also announced it will start direct deportations to venezuela. migrants from there have made up a huge portion of the current number of migrants attempting to cross into the u.s. the flights are an attempt to discourage them from entering illegally. just a week ago the biden administration stayed it would give work permits to half a million venezuelans already in the u.s. before july 31st. while we're seeing changes at the federal level, here at the state level especially in texas lawmakers are getting together
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on monday for a special session to figure out how they are going to handle this ongoing crisis. sandra. >> sandra: jeff, thank you. >> bill: now the issue is coming to the hartland of america and the public voicing their concerns coming to head in cities like chicago. >> we should not have to suffer. we are paying our tax money for parks and everything else. >> it makes us look like a bad guy. we aren't the bad guy. what happens to us is total disrespect. >> bill: that first one am you heard there is a woman by the name of linda johnson, chicago resident and joins us now live from chicago. good morning, ma'am, thank you for your time here. we watched that town hall the other night. we were blown away because we haven't heard regular folks like yourself talk the way you did. tell us about your concerns, what are you afraid of? >> well, my concerns is that they tried to put a band-aid on
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a leaky fountain. it does not work and they don't have a plan. mind you, it is unfair to those that are coming in and it is unfair to us that they are displacing in the park district. they are not thinking in terms of how many mothers have kids that come down from the school up the highly to the park and stay there until they get off work. they aren't concerned about senior citizens that may have health challenges and walking to the park just to have fellowship because they may not have kids or family members that visit them on a regular basis. my thing is we pay taxes here and they didn't even consider talking to us before they snatched the park from us. to me that's a gangster move. you can't just take our park without talking to us. and then you expect to take the pacifier out of our mouth and us not holler and scream. you complain we need to let the people that came to the meeting talk. we were not concerned about what they want to talk about because
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they had already made their decision. our concern is if you are a public figure, you have a right to talk to the gate keepers in that community. you didn't do. you made a decision without our input. we pay taxes for parks, schools and everything. the thing about us paying taxes, my kid is not even in public school now. take it off my bill. you don't. to make a decision without the community is blatant disrespect and then we find out that the -- that means they claim they told him on friday. it looked like a back door deal. you sold us out and you expect us to be okay with that. we're not. >> sandra: your words are powerful. public officials should be listening. do you feel like they are? >> yes, i do. i don't know if they listen or not but they need to. my thing is during election time you are all in our face, in our meetings and want all our votes
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and stuffing our mailbox with everything but then when it comes to make decisions, you make them on your own. this is not a city where you can dictate to us. you cannot just be a dictatorship to the people in the community. i'm retired and i have time for this. i'm going to make some noise. >> bill: you have heard the saying all politics are local. you remember that, right? you have a brand-new mayor you're dealing with and he said he had to take care of his family before he were to go to the border or central american like adams has done this week. on the issue of all politics are local. the chicago park district building, right, that is used for senior programs and sports events. you are familiar with that, right? >> yes, i live there. >> bill: the amondeson field house. the mayor's office said 125 migrants are housed there. you put those two things together that takes the livelihood of your neighborhood from you.
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and that's the point you are trying to make. >> yes. yes. it does. and the thing about it. are you trying to make a statement to people that you are all in? my thing is you don't have a plan. you don't have structure. and the people that you are putting in place don't have a plan or structure either. if they did they would not ignore the community or would not get our input and they didn't. >> sandra: for so many who know and love and were raised in that city, you want to see it turn around. you want to see it thrive. you have been through so much with crime. do you ever stop and think hey, maybe i'll just skip town and go somewhere else? >> no, i don't think like that. i will fight for our city and i think austin has the highest crime rate. my thing is when you look at our culture working with kids, at-risk kids and then you take that and tell them to go a mile and a half away from the area
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that they are close to and then you are telling them to cross a railroad track. that park has a railroad track before you can get to it. these kids are at the school right down the street from the park and you don't even care enough to be concerned about parents that put their kids in programs that are safe for them and when they get off work they can pick it up. >> bill: we've got great playgrounds here in new york, right? and now they are occupied migrants because they have tents. what do you are its do at the time? camille harris is a resident, too. i don't know if you know her. she said we're not anti-migrant but we pay taxes, too. just the last comment on that. >> we're not. yes. and we're not. and this is what i don't like about the city. it makes it seems like we are and we're not. they put us in that position
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because we are advocating for what is ours in our community. and we are not that way. they're getting a bad hand, too. you cannot displace us to put somebody else in that position. >> bill: thank you for your time and giving voice to the issue and what you are up against. appreciate it. linda johnson in chicago. >> bill: this is the president's approval number on immigration. what the white house is looking at now. 62% disapprove of the way the president is handling this issue as of today. among african-american voters, okay, do you approve or disapprove of the job the president is doing? 65% approve. we'll watch that number and see where it goes when you hear voices like linda. >> sandra: that's forcing decisions that have not yet been made. our heart goes on to linda. to your point, bill, she is the voice of many right now who are
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fighting back against this and fighting for their communities and that's a huge struggle. >> bill: big voice, too. >> sandra: former president donald trump throwing his support behind ohio congressman jim jordan in the race for house speaker praising jordan as a star and says he has his complete and total endorsement. endorsement comes ahead of a wednesday vote. but the former president is not ruling out stepping in himself telling fox, quote, i'm running for president. they have asked me if i would take it for a short period of time for the party until they come to a conclusion. i'm not doing it because i want to, i will do it if necessary should they not be able to make their decision. i would only do it for the party. this makes things interesting. even more interesting. >> bill: you don't know what it does for the endorsement of jim jordan. many argue the race might be over already. however, steve scalise from louisiana is still in this conversation. last hour he was with our colleagues on "fox & friends." >> the problems that we have
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internally don't go away with a new speaker but the real question the members have is how do we get things back on track? i have a long proven record to fight on the battles that matter to the families who gave us the majority. we'll get our house in order on wednesday. >> bill: monday night they all get together. bret will be on the hill and have main players live and see where they are after the weekend. tuesday more, maybe you get a vote on tuesday or wednesday. we'll see whether or not that schedule stands. back to the picket line. a common thing in america today. check it out. this is the largest healthcare strike in american history but however is the coming end only a pause for a longer work stoppage later? they said they would be out there for three days. today is day three on that. >> sandra: did activists target
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the vivek ramaswamy campaign in iowa? >> bill: the fight to keep biological men from competing in women's sports. there is a virginia college and the female swim team says it feels cheated and abandoned. they switched to google tools for education because there's never been a reported ransomware attack on a chromebook. now they're focused on learning knowing that their data is secure. ( ♪ ) okay everyone, our mission is to provide complete, balanced nutrition for strength and energy. yay - woo hoo! ensure, with 27 vitamins and minerals, nutrients for immune health. and ensure complete with 30 grams of protein. (♪) some things are good to know. like...where to find the cheapest gas in town. and which supermarket
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>> bill: welcome back. 20 minutes past the hour. breaking news on the jobs front. we added 336,000 jobs. that was well above the expectation, which is right around 170,000. unemployment rate ticked up higher. it was expected to be at 3.7%. up at 3.8%. the president likes to tout the unemployment rate now but what we're looking at right now in september is 3.8%. as we watch that, you have to think about the fed and what the fed is doing with interest rates. we're at our highest level now in 23 years. that is certainly to have an impact on the economy. you want to buy a home or get a loan, it is a lot more expensive now than it was prior. remember, the fed is trying to bring things down. so far it looks like it hasn't been successful when you measure
6:21 am
the inflation rate consistently week-by-week and month-by-month. more coming up on this. the woman who knows all about that is sandra smith. >> sandra: everybody is watching the rates and anticipation will see a stock market that drops on this better than expected news. it is confusing for people watching this. the anticipation of the rates going up would be killer for most american households who are already struggling with this. you look at the 30-year fixed rate mortgage in the country now 7.5% up from 7.3 just last week. it is rapidly rising. bill, when you look at the long-term consequences of what is happening today, that's what economists are having a hard time predicting. as of july, think about this, it took 44% of the average american household income just to cover your mortgage expenses, just
6:22 am
your mortgage expenses. >> bill: you aren't moving because you would have to have a loan 3 or 4 times higher than a year and a half ago. >> sandra: the average home price is $4 hundred thousand. it is great news these jobs were haded but you have to look at the big picture. that gets pretty deep. so we'll see how it all plays out. the anticipation is to see the stock market go down. all right. >> bill: well done. >> it's hard to see the ceos get 3, 4, 5 million bonuses and ours will be cut and taken away from us. >> listen to us at the bargaining table. what we're asking for a fair. >> sandra: 75,000 healthcare workers are on strike stretching from california to washington, d.c. as the union threatens another longer walk-out next month. jonathan hunt is live in los angeles. he has the latest on that for us.
6:23 am
sounds rowdy behind you. >> yeah, good morning to you, sandra. the sun not even up here in los angeles yet but already outside the l.a. medical center which is one of kaiser permanente's biggest facilities, as you can see there is a large and passionate crowd of workers who have walked out. this is, as you mentioned, day three of a planed three-day total strike ending at 6:00 a.m. saturday. they are already planning further action if kaiser permanente doesn't up the offers it has so far made. the kaiser workers say they do not want to be out on strike. they would rather than looking after their patients but at this point they say they have no choice. listen here. >> patient safety is a huge issue for us. we've been experiencing a lot of short staffing and that's why we're here. we are here to fight for the patients and co-workers and get proper staffing.
6:24 am
>> now kaiser, of course, says it is doing all it can to insure proper staffing. they are facing unique post pandemic challenges. as for wages, they've offered the following. 5% increases over the next three years. 24, 25 and 26. that, they say, would bring the minimum wage in 2026 to $25 an hour in california, $23 in all other states in which kaiser permanente operates. but those on this picket line and the picket lines right across the country say that simply isn't good enough. they need that $25 minimum wage. they need it immediately. so if there is no deal struck, these workers will nevertheless go back to their positions, 6:00 a.m. saturday morning. but they say there will be another strike. it will take place next month. and it will last even longer
6:25 am
than this one has affecting the care once again for some 13 million americans, sandra. >> sandra: huge consequences to our healthcare system in this country. jonathan hunt with a lively group behind you already this morning. jonathan, thank you. meanwhile a virginia college's female swim team is fighting to keep trans athletes from joining. they feel abandoned by their school and the ncaa. >> we need to have advocates, adults and leaders defending that we are treated fairly. >> how many young women will have to watch their friends -- [inaudible] >> sandra: caroline downey is a reporter with the national review and joins us now. thank you for being here. the more and more we have this conversation, i wonder why does it always -- by the way, young, strong women, why are there no
6:26 am
adults in the room standing up for them? >> every single one of these cases of male intrusion into women's sports or any women's spaces, sorority, locker room as ymca. the adults are absent and abdicated their responsibilities to call a spade a spade. this happens with the governing bodies of the sports organizations, those officials throw up their hands and in this case, these women brought their concerns about a man on their team to their coaches and their coaches basically said well, we'll accommodate the man at the expense of you. >> bill: they felt like it was a betrayal about the adults and where are they in the room? these three women are brave. 19, 20 and age 21. they said when we even try to swim, why would we swim racing against a biological male? our defeat was written in biology. that's a surrender. >> it is a surrender. in all these cases, whether it's
6:27 am
sorority in the university of wyoming. all these cases are represented by the independent women's forum who put its flag in the sand for defending women's spaces. the men -- there is usually no ambiguity whatsoever that they're men. they are very large, very strong competitors on the men's team. we saw that with lia thomas, who raced against riley gaines. no ambiguity whatsoever. they would blow them out of the water in terms ever racing, in terms of titles. they would strip them away. it is that severe of a disparity in their performance. >> sandra: rile' gaines has been a powerful voice for women. >> in is not happening the other way. why don't we see women infiltrating to men's sports and dominating? that right there is all you need to know. what we saw in maine with this male runner who identifies as a woman, it's the same thing we
6:28 am
saw with lia thomas. the same thing at roanoke. a mediocre man vying to compete with the women's team and turns into a record smasher destroying all the women's records. >> sandra: you rewind a couple years ago. i don't know if anybody would believe it is happening today. >> 2023 feels like something out of a horror film for these women who now is the worst year on record. >> sandra: she was referencing the track and field athlete in maine. a male athlete that transitioned to compete with the women. he was about 200th place in his division in the men's group and dominated women. >> the problem as you said before there is no mature people stapleding up and calling a spade a spade. no one saying this is objective facts even if you take testosterone and steps to transition.
6:29 am
a lot of people don't make themselves transition. they expect all the women to follow along and say they are a different gender. a minority tyranny. women who fought for title ix are losing. >> bill: we hope to hear from these swimmers. thank you for coming in, caroline. there is this now. >> my mom works at a public school. >> every person deserves to be respected. >> bill: that was taken moments before protestors rammed ramaswamy's car on the trail. what happened there? a growing number of lawmakers elected as democrats jumping ship for the republican party and the dnc chair is not happy about it. >> flipped to the other side.
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>> sandra: fox news alert. the u.s. stock market opened a few moments ago and expected following a jobs report earlier, it is down about 70 points. futures down 200. not as steep a sell-off as expected after a better than expected jobs report for september. the labor department reporting 336,000 jobs were added in the last month. the expectation was 170,000. this was way better than expected. however, wages rose less than expected. so now it's all an interpretation as to what the fed will do next as interest rates are obviously at historic highs already. so there is a lot of economists chewing on the data trying to decide what may be next an the impact on the economy. >> bill: would you agree we don't know the direction here? >> sandra: of the market? >> bill: maybe the economy in
6:36 am
general. >> sandra: there is a whole lot of uncertainty. markets do not like uncertainty. that is a fact. >> bill: let's get to the trail now. vivek ramaswamy claiming protestor rammed his car at a stop in iowa. republican candidate releasing a video of him talking with demonstrators yesterday. here is how that went. >> the beauty of this country is you all have the right to express your opinions and you are doing it peacefully and even though i disagree. >> my mom is overworked. >> i'm proud of you for expressing your views but i disagree with you. >> bill: he posted the incident had a civil exchange with protestors right before two of them then got out into their car and rammed into ours. ramaswamy not in the car when it happened. both cars were damaged. police say the drivers said she wasn't in the area of the protest. did not know who the other vehicle belonged to. did not intentionally back into it. so you have that.
6:37 am
vivek was upstanding on this one on jesse last night and said this about it. >> i think the people who hit the car should be held accountable. more importantly as i said in that little exchange, i respect free speech especially for those who disagree with me. we have to be better than the other side and hold ourselves to that higher standard and how we'll revive this country. >> sandra: we have to say it over and over again. ramming cars if you -- not a good idea and there should be accountability. >> bill: now the dnc chair in a meeting yesterday. he was in st. louis furious over the growing number of elected democrats that abruptly joined the republican party. roll this. >> not only have you committed political fraud but you have lied to the people you are serving and to me that's the worst thing that any public servant can ever do. >> bill: so fox news political
6:38 am
analyst josh is here on this. good morning to you. lawrence jones was a dallas yesterday. they have a mayor down there who is very popular. elected as a democrat. one of the first things he did in office was fire the police chief. two weeks ago he said i'm not staying in this party. i will become a republican. his name is erik johnson. here is what he told lawrence. >> the reality is, there is a really big gap at this point in time between who i am, what is important to me, what i'm about and where the democratic party is and what's important to them and what they're about. it has come to a head since i became the mayor. conservative principles. pro law enforcement safety principles. that's the kind of republican i want to be and we need more of them. >> bill: he might be running for governor. since 1994, josh, the number of state lawmakers who went from
6:39 am
democrat to republican is 83. the number who went from republican to democrat is 23. how do you see this? >> well, look, there have been a number of very high profile party switchers in the last 5 or 6 years gone to become republicans. jim justice, the governor of west virginia running against joe manchin in the big senate race. new jersey congressman jeff van drew made a party switch under president trump. there are a lot of folks that have fit that bill. erik johnson is the most interesting one of all because he is the mayor of one of the biggest cities in the country. i don't think republicans have a mayor in one of the top 20 cities in the united states. erik johnson immediately has a chance to show how a republican -- he is already very popular and can show how republican governance can make a difference in an important state. texas is a pretty republican state. i have a feeling he could be on the short list for governor,
6:40 am
senate, higher office as an african-american republican governing one of the biggest and most important cities in the country. >> bill: he is someone to watch for sure. hillary clinton sat down with cnn and let it rip, josh. at one point saying trump, the alternative to end our democracy. i don't say that lightly. she -- perhaps she has a new phrase for deplorables. >> sadly, so many of those extremists, the maga extremist take their marching orders from donald trump. at some point maybe there needs to be a formal deprogramming of the cult members. for whatever reason, he and his very negative, nasty form of politics resonates with them. >> bill: so i don't know what you think about that, but when you think about the president talking about maga extremists and maga republicans, it seems
6:41 am
to be the catch phrase for those on the left, josh. >> bill, this is the type of rhetoric that alien eights a lot of swing voters that don't necessarily like donald trump but also don't want to be called part of a cult because they voted for him in 2016 and 2020. it harkens back to the basket of deplore ables line that she used in the 2016 presidential campaign. she is not running for anything so she can say whatever she wants. it is the more elitist brand of the democratic party that has alienated a lot of working class and swing voters and why this election is so close and why you are seeing a very close election between trump if he is the nominee and joe biden. >> bill: go for your formal deprogramming, folks, if you are one of them to who she speaks about. josh, thank you for your time. a rich interview and more to come later today. thank you for being here.
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arrested this man, dwayne davis, check out what he said in the back of the cop car. >> what they got me for, man? oh yeah? >> bill: he denied any wrongdoing and charged with murder in connection with the drive by shooting that killed
6:48 am
the legendary rapper. we'll watch that develop out of las vegas. >> sandra: that's something. one of california's largest teachers unions proposing oping school parking lots to homeless family. critics say it reflects a trend of teachers unions using bargaining power to push left wing policies. leo terrell joins us now. what do you think about this idea? >> thanks for having me, sandra. this is left wing lunacy. i ask you, sandra, show me a model homeless encampment that you would be proud of to bring to a school. this is ridiculous. how can a homeless encampment opening up in the parking lot improve the reading and writing scores. the left wing progressive teachers union in bed with socialist democrats and using the bargaining agreement to receive this ridiculous proposal with a homeless encampment at a
6:49 am
public school. >> sandra: i can only imagine the problems that would ensue from something like this. the societal problems would be brought about as a result. these are communities that are already struggling. >> sandra, think about it. let me tell you what a homeless encampment brings. sex, drugs, murder, kidnapping. arson. you are allowing a criminal element to recruit kids and what's the motivation? what is the up side? show me one benefit. there is none. i am a former school teacher. i still have my license. i'm a lawyer. i don't understand the benefit to the kids. it is a benefit to the left wing agenda. i'm just proud that we're talking about this but it is frightening because it is being negotiated. thank goodness the fresno school district is saying no. >> sandra: the president to fox news said is it the school
6:50 am
system's job to fix everything in regard to societal things? absolutely not, according to a source. there are ideas on how we might do it because nobody else is thinking about these ideas. the fresno homeless population has been on the rise. this is a problem that they obviously have to deal with. there are plenty of ideas that could be out there. this is merely one of them. but 2023 that number was 4,493. up from 3,641 in 2021. this is just one case, leo. this is happening all over the country. and you have these areas looking for solutions to these growing problems. california obviously has a hefty problem on its hands. >> i live here, sandra. you notice there is a pattern and practice. blue cities, blue states, blue governors, california, new york, san francisco, it's a pattern
6:51 am
because they talk about this open society welcoming everyone and they are punishing american citizens. there is no up side to this for school-age children. i hope the parents in fresno are up in arms and basically make sure this is a resounding no. you don't want to start in one school district because it will spread in these progressive cities and school districts, sandra. >> sandra: these are some serious demands and a lot of people will be watching how this plays out. thank you for joining us on that. appreciate it. >> bill: so we have some explosive testimony from executives of ftx. that's the group that the crypto kid used to run. that trial now in its fourth day. we'll check in on that. migrants pouring into chicago. the city is struggling. no end in sight. now they are taking these public services from those who live there and pay taxes. and those people are not staying quiet. >> we are already at the brink
6:52 am
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6:58 am
the head of the police union blames the spike on anti-police activists and criminal cases being thrown out. nypd resignations have steadily increased in recent years. >> bill: explosive testimony in the trial of sam bankman-fried. the crypto kid, fkx founder, his co-founder goes back on the stand after telling the jury he helped his inner circle commit multiple frauds. fox business, kelly o'grady on the story from the beginning. checking in live outside the courthouse in manhattan. what's coming up? >> that's right. this is one of the prosecution's key witness, the big revelation yesterday was that sam bankman-fried directed him to write a code that allowed alameda to withdraw unlimited customer money from ftx.
6:59 am
wang shared that code it was able to transfer funds regardless of what it had in its account even if the account balance was negative. this was important. sam bankman-fried founded both alameda and ftx. no other company or customer had that. they could siphon ftx customer fund money. when they went into their balance they saw it was there. the crux is by the time the company filed for bankruptcy, alameda had withdrawn so much money by that back door ftx couldn't pay their customers back. wang has pled guilty to fraud charges testifying in exchange for leniency. the prosecution's big challenge may be presenting that evidence in a clear manner. legal experts tell us one of the biggest downfalls is confusing the jury. bill wang's testimony will continue today and expected to paint a picture of sam bankman-fried as the main person
7:00 am
in charge that will contradict the defense that he didn't know what was going on. >> bill: it gets juicier. you know about this. you have a fox nation special that dropped this week. >> sandra: who is sam bankman-fried? people saw the story developing. a young man and wondered why he was put in charge of billions of dollars. it looks like fraud and smells like fraud and they have to decide in the courtroom whether or not it was truly fraud. he was entrusted with so much money by so many. and you have to wonder can this happen again? we dig into that. >> bill: they were sucked into the whole idea of crypto. >> sandra: so was he. >> bill: you have the celebrities promoting it as well. down the drain it went. >> sandra: almost blindly some of them. >> bill: the sound


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